February 28, 2024
How NuNature First Aid Gel Can Relieve Cracked Skin on Hands

Cracked, dry skin on hands can be uncomfortable and even painful. Finding relief for cracked hands is essential, whether it's due to harsh weather conditions, excessive handwashing, or other factors. In this article, we'll introduce you to NuNature First Aid Gel and explain how this versatile product along with moisturizer can effectively soothe and heal […]

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February 21, 2024
Can Mud Tame Poison Oak?

When it comes to natural remedies for poison oak, mud often comes to mind. But can this age-old folk remedy truly tame the itching and discomfort caused by poison oak? In this article, we'll explore the effectiveness of using mud as a treatment and why relying on specialized cleansers like Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub […]

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February 14, 2024
Antiseptics, Your Germ-Fighting Hero

Choosing the right ally is essential in the battle against germs and infections. In this article, we'll compare antibiotics and antiseptics and explain why antiseptics emerge as the superior choice. We'll introduce you to NuNature First Aid Gel, your perfect companion for all of life's mishaps. The Antibiotics vs. Antiseptics Showdown Before diving into antiseptics' […]

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February 7, 2024
Why a Poison Ivy Wash Is The First Line of Defense

When dealing with poison ivy, oak, or sumac, quick action is the key to avoiding the itchy, uncomfortable rash they cause. Unfortunately, many people wait until it's too late to address the issue. In this article, we'll discuss why using a poison ivy wash as the first line of defense is crucial in preventing the […]

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January 31, 2024
Can You Spread Poison Ivy by Scratching?

Can You Spread Poison Ivy by Scratching? Poison ivy rashes can be intensely itchy, and the temptation to scratch them can be irresistible. But can scratching poison ivy rash make it even worse and spread it throughout the body? In this article, we'll explore the truth behind the common misconception about spreading poison ivy through […]

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January 24, 2024
The Purpose of Poison Ivy Blisters

Poison ivy is notorious for causing itchy rashes and blisters that can be uncomfortable. While many of us have heard that popping blisters is a no-no, there's often confusion about whether the same rule applies to poison ivy blisters. In this article, we'll explore the purpose of poison ivy blisters and whether or not you […]

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January 17, 2024
How to Remove Poison Ivy From Clothing

Picture this: You've just returned from a thrilling outdoor adventure, but you've unwittingly brushed against some poison ivy. While you're relieved that your skin remains rash-free, you realize that your clothing may still harbor the pesky urushiol oil from the plant. So, how do you effectively remove poison ivy from your clothes? This article discusses […]

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January 10, 2024
How to Treat a Blood Blister with First Aid Gel

Blood blisters can be painful and unsightly, often appearing when you least expect them. Whether from a new pair of shoes that rubbed your skin the wrong way or an accident during your outdoor adventures, knowing how to treat a blood blister is essential for quick relief and proper healing. In this article, we'll explore […]

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December 27, 2023
Can Ticks Bite When Its Freezing Outside?

As the mercury drops, many wonder if ticks, those notorious little pests, take a winter break. Some species of ticks can remain active during the colder months, especially when temperatures hover above freezing. In this blog, we delve into the behavior of ticks in cold weather and discuss the benefits of using Tecnu Calagel Anti-Itch […]

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December 18, 2023
Winter Wound Care: How to Protect Your Skin

Winter brings unique skincare challenges, particularly regarding wound healing and prevention. The cold, harsh weather often leads to dry skin, exacerbating wounds and making recovery more complex. This article will explore practical strategies to protect and care for your skin during winter, focusing on preventing and treating conditions like split skin on fingers near nails, […]

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December 13, 2023
Sticks & Stems, Finding Poison Ivy in the Winter

Many people mistakenly believe poison ivy and oak are solely warm-weather concerns. However, these plants pose a risk even in the dead of winter. This article will guide you through identifying poison ivy in its dormant state and offer practical advice for staying safe while enjoying the outdoors during the colder months. We'll also introduce […]

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December 6, 2023
The Gift of Essential Outdoor Gear

The season of giving is upon us, and what better way to show appreciation for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life than by gifting them essential gear for their next adventure? This guide will help you assemble a thoughtful gift basket featuring products from Tec Labs, including the Tecnu Detox Wipes and NuNature First Aid […]

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November 22, 2023
The Art of Spotting Poison Ivy & Oak in the Fall

As the seasons change and the vibrant colors of fall foliage take center stage, it's essential to be on the lookout for another kind of transformation happening in nature – that of poison ivy and oak. These notorious plants don't lose their ability to cause skin reactions, even when they appear dormant or their leaves […]

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November 15, 2023
How to Choose Topical Pain Relief for Open Wounds

Dealing with open wounds can be painful and discomforting. Regarding topical pain relief, there are various options on the market. In this article, we'll compare the benefits of using an antiseptic topical pain relief product, like NuNature First Aid Gel, to alternatives, such as topical triple antibiotic ointments. Let's explore the pros and cons to […]

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November 8, 2023
Can Burning Poison Ivy Harm Your Lungs?

When dealing with poison ivy, most are familiar with the itchy, blistering rashes resulting from direct (and indirect) contact with the plant. However, a lesser-known danger lurks when poison ivy meets fire, which is especially important as you try to clear or eradicate the toxic plant. Burning poison ivy is a potentially hazardous situation, causing […]

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November 1, 2023
Strategies to Resist the Urge to Scratch Poison Ivy Rash

Ah, the notorious poison ivy – a real party crasher with its relentless itching and discomfort! If you've ever encountered this itch-fest, you'll know that resisting the urge to scratch can be challenging. But fear not! We're here to make the battle against the itch more manageable. Let's explore some proven tactics to keep you […]

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October 25, 2023
Is Virginia Creeper a 5-Leaf Poison Oak?

One of the best ways to avoid and prevent a poison ivy or oak rash is by knowing your plants! If you are unsure about a particular plant, it can lead to unnecessary concerns, especially regarding potentially harmful species like poison oak. Virginia Creeper is often mistaken for poison oak due to its similar leaf […]

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October 18, 2023
What to Use on Poison Ivy Rash While Healing

A close encounter with poison ivy can leave you with an itchy, uncomfortable rash that seems to linger. As you wait for the rash to heal, finding effective ways to alleviate the discomfort and prevent further irritation is essential. This article explores what you can use on a poison ivy rash while healing, focusing on […]

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October 11, 2023
Should Wounds Stay Uncovered or Covered - Which Is Best?

When treating wounds, there's often confusion about whether they should be left uncovered to "breathe" or covered for protection. Both approaches have their merits, and the choice depends on the type and severity of the wound.  In this article, we'll explore the advantages of both covered and uncovered wounds and introduce NuNature First Aid Gel […]

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October 4, 2023
Poison Ivy Treatment To Get Rid of a Rash Fast

When you're out enjoying the great outdoors, the last thing you want to encounter is a painful, itchy rash caused by poison ivy. Unfortunately, this plant is found throughout North America, and its oil, called urushiol, can cause an irritating rash when it comes into contact with your skin. But fear not; there are effective […]

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September 27, 2023
How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Plants

Poison ivy and oak might look innocent in the natural landscape, but their lurking danger can quickly turn a pleasant outdoor experience into an itchy nightmare. Fear not; this comprehensive guide is your key to eradicating these troublesome plants for good. We'll delve into effective removal methods, explore where poison ivy and oak typically grow, […]

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September 20, 2023
How to Identify Poison Ivy Plants

The great outdoors beckons us with its beauty, but plants that can cause discomfort and even severe reactions are hidden among the greenery. Identifying poison ivy and oak plants quickly is crucial for anyone who enjoys nature. In this guide, we'll walk you through essential tips to recognize these plants, reduce the risk of reactions, […]

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September 13, 2023
How to Tell If a Wound Is Healing

Accidents happen, and when they do, proper wound care is crucial to ensure a swift and effective healing process. But how can you tell if your wound is healing well or if there's cause for concern? In this guide, we'll walk you through the phases of wound healing, provide insights into distinguishing between normal healing […]

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September 6, 2023
How Long Does Poison Ivy Rash Last?

The great outdoors offers us countless opportunities for adventure and exploration, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One common challenge is the dreaded encounter with poison ivy. The itchy and uncomfortable rash it leaves behind can be a real nuisance. If you've ever found yourself grappling with the question, "How long […]

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August 23, 2023
Your Guide to Treating Poison Ivy on Skin

Encountering poison ivy or oak can lead to an itchy and uncomfortable rash. Fortunately, the Tecnu Ivy Complete Kit provides a three-step process to treat and alleviate the symptoms effectively. The unique solution helps you and your family stay healthy and happy with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide: Cleanse, Treat, and Detox Wipes - all provided […]

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August 16, 2023
How to Use Poison Ivy Wash Most Effectively

Dealing with poison ivy can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, practical solutions, such as poison ivy washes, can help remove irritating oils and provide relief so that you can continue your outdoor adventures. Discover the power of Tecnu Original Outdoor Cleanser and Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub and how to correctly prevent poison […]

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August 9, 2023
Bug Bites vs Poison Ivy

When dealing with an itchy and irritating skin reaction, it can be challenging to determine whether it's a bug bite or a poison ivy rash. Differentiating between the two is crucial for proper treatment. With an understanding of the core differences between bug bites and poison ivy rash, you can quickly and easily implement the […]

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August 2, 2023
How to Treat Poison Ivy

Poison ivy rash is a common skin condition that affects many people, especially during outdoor activities. Coming into contact with poison ivy leaves, stems, or roots can cause an allergic reaction, resulting in an itchy and irritating rash. If you are dealing with a poison ivy rash, knowing how to treat it effectively is essential. […]

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July 26, 2023
What Does an Allergic Reaction to Poison Ivy Look Like? Understanding, Treating, and Preventing Poison Ivy Rash

Nothing spoils an outing in the great outdoors like itchy, irritated skin. Unfortunately, poison ivy is more common than you'd think, and just one quick brush with the plant can leave you itching and uncomfortable for days, if not weeks. Poison ivy is a plant that contains a resin called urushiol, which triggers an allergic […]

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July 19, 2023
Road Rash and Raspberries: Understanding Abrasion Wounds and Proper Care

Thinking of taking up a new contact sport? Testing out new rollerblades around the neighborhood? Before moving and grooving on your latest hobby, take some precautions to stay safe and abrasion free! Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes we find ourselves with a scraped knee from a fall or road rash from a bike accident. […]

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