February 2, 2023
Do Mosquitoes Bite in the Winter?

Mosquitoes can throw a real wrench in your outdoor plans, especially if you’re planning on entertaining al fresco or enjoying a brisk outdoors adventure on a camping trip. While they are prevalent in hot, sticky weather, do mosquitoes bite in the winter? The short answer is mosquitoes are much less active in cooler months, so […]

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December 20, 2022
What does poison ivy do to humans?

Poison ivy looks like any ordinary plant out in the wild, so much so that you need some research to identify the plant correctly. But it seems as though some animals appear to be unbothered by the poison oak and ivy plants through their fur coat protection or are immune to urushiol, the plant's oil. […]

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December 15, 2022
Can you spread poison ivy?

So you just discovered that you have an unfortunate poison ivy rash, and you’re worried that you could spread this rash to your family. The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no. Poison ivy and its relatives, poison sumac and poison oak cause this rash through specific means. Let’s talk about the plant, how […]

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December 7, 2022
How long does poison ivy itching last?

So you had the unfortunate luck of touching poison ivy, and now you have a rash that itches without mercy. You’re wondering why this is happening and how long this problematic situation will last. Let’s look at how poison ivy causes the rash, how long it lasts, how to make the healing process faster, and […]

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November 15, 2022
What does poison ivy look like when it first starts?

While walking through the woods with your friends, one of them warned you that there might be poison ivy in your path. You checked, and it looks like you’ve already walked through quite a bit. You rushed to your backpack, took out the Tecnu Detox Wipes you brought just in case, and wiped every part […]

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November 8, 2022
Does poison ivy grow on a vine?

Identifying poison ivy is an essential skill to develop whether you love the outdoors, work outside, or are an avid gardener. The poison ivy plant, while having the familiar characteristics of leaves of three, can look a bit different depending on the season and geography. Besides the fact that it has similar poisonous relatives that […]

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November 1, 2022
What kills poison ivy the fastest?

Poison ivy is the dreaded plant that causes many outdoor vacations to turn into itchy problems that you just want to end. But this plant doesn’t just appear in the wild; it can appear anywhere with conditions the plant finds favorable. Yes, it can even grow in your garden or backyard. When you find a […]

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October 25, 2022
What you may not know about poison ivy

Poison ivy is the dreaded plant we are taught to avoid from our earliest days of exploring the outdoors. But do we really know everything about it? There are many myths about the plant that many think are facts, and while some of them are relatively harmless, they could put you in more danger than […]

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October 18, 2022
Should I cover poison ivy when sleeping?

You did your best and made sure to be as vigilant as possible. But even with that, you brushed against a poison ivy leaf hiding in the tall grass. You only noticed the next day after you got home, so you did your best to wash off the urushiol oil. Unfortunately, the dreaded oil has […]

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October 11, 2022
Should you pop poison ivy blisters?

Poison ivy blisters can be itchy or painful, and it can be tempting to pop them. But doing so will only make you susceptible to infections. You’re suffering an intense itching that keeps you up at night and a pain that even topical steroid creams barely keep at bay! Let’s understand what causes this. What […]

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October 4, 2022
What kills poison ivy?

You’re walking around in your yard and find a familiar-looking plant. You take out your phone and do a quick search. The results prove it—you have poison ivy. You’re wondering how to get rid of it; simply pulling it like a common weed isn’t an option—or is it? Let’s dive in and figure out what […]

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September 27, 2022
How does poison ivy rash spread?

Getting a poison ivy rash is enough to ruin anyone's day. The rash is from an allergic reaction to the urushiol oil in the plant. Symptoms range from red bumps to large blisters with itching so intense that it keeps you up at night. The problem? It spreads! Read more to know more about how […]

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September 20, 2022
It's Back! First Aid Gel, a Tecnu Favorite

The antiseptic gel that everybody loved is here! Tecnu’s First Aid Gel, now under the brand NuNature by Tecnu, is a favorite of our customers and back by popular demand. It’s been a while, but since many people requested this product's return, we worked long and hard to do so. It’s the same First Aid […]

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September 13, 2022
When does poison ivy stop spreading?

So you got exposed to poison ivy, and now you’re experiencing the consequences. Yesterday you developed a rash on your forearm, and today a rash on your neck! When will the spreading stop? Good news, it has already stopped spreading! Poison ivy rashes are caused by urushiol, the oil found in the plant. Once absorbed […]

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September 6, 2022
Tec Labs Introduces Non-Antibiotic NuNature First Aid Gel (Press Release)

The Makers of Tecnu Poison Oak and Ivy Outdoor Skin Cleanser Have Created an Inventive Alternative to Standard Over-the-Counter Minor Wound Care Treatments Albany, OR – As the experts in outdoor skin care, Tec Labs has introduced NuNature First Aid Gel. It is the first product under the company’s NuNature brand. NuNature First Aid Gel […]

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September 1, 2022
Can I get poison ivy from my dog?

85% of the population in the U.S is allergic to the oil found on poison ivy plants. Dog fur and paws can carry this oil on their coat, leading some to wonder, "Can I get poison ivy from my dog?" If you are wondering if your pets have poison ivy, it is a good idea […]

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August 2, 2022
Does Itching Spread Poison Ivy Rashes?

Exposing yourself to poison ivy can result in a painful allergic reaction and destruction of the skin, and may sometimes cause severe health problems. There is a lot of information on the internet about how itching spreads poison ivy rashes. Some say to wash it, some say to let it be, and others say to […]

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July 19, 2022
What is the Duration of Poison Ivy Rash?

Although we often associate poison ivy with summertime and all the outdoor activities that come with it, the fact remains that poison ivy is capable of inflicting a nasty rash year round. No matter the season, the best defense against poison ivy is being fully informed about it. You can only develop a poison ivy […]

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July 13, 2022
How Quickly Must Poison Ivy Oil be Removed To Avoid a Rash?

If you’ve ever experienced it, you know that a poison ivy rash is never pleasant, and any steps you can take to reduce or, even better, completely avoid the infamous itchy rash is worthwhile. While most people are aware of the more basic prevention methods such as wearing long sleeve shirts while hiking and avoiding […]

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June 29, 2022
How-To-Guide: Washing Poison Ivy off Your Clothes

If you've ever been a victim of poison ivy, you know it's no fun. Almost 85% of the population in the U.S is allergic to poison ivy. The poison ivy rash is caused by urushiol, found in all parts of poison ivy. Urushiol bonds to the skin and can stay on surfaces for years, so […]

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June 28, 2022
Top 10 must-have items for an outdoor adventure

What do you need to pack before hitting the great outdoors? Whether hiking, camping, or rock climbing, the outdoors can bring us more than we bargained for. Staying safe outdoors is essential, and preparing for an outdoor adventure can be very challenging. Before you embark on your epic adventure, here are ten must-have essentials for […]

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June 21, 2022
Should I cover blisters from poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac rash?

So you've had a run-in with poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, and your skin is itching. You’re covered in blisters on your arms, legs, and maybe even neck. Do you know what to do? How should you treat the blisters? Should you pop them or not? Are there any remedies that can make […]

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June 15, 2022
Poison Oak Rash: What It Looks Like & How To Treat It

Getting a poison oak rash is unpleasant to say the least. It causes blistering and redness. An allergic reaction to poison oak can be uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous. Identifying the rash that comes with poison oak can help you seek treatment faster when you know you have contacted this dangerous plant. This post will […]

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June 8, 2022
Poison Sumac Rash: Stages & Treatment

Every summer, thousands of people get poison sumac rash when they contact the urushiol oil on the plants. Most symptoms are redness and itching. However, some people may also experience blistering, swelling, and a burning sensation. You could try treating it yourself with home remedies, but some may not be healthy for your skin. To […]

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June 1, 2022
Join Tecnu at GoPro Mountain Games 2022

Do you love the outdoors and like to take risks? Are you ready to tackle the wild and compete head-to-head against some of the most athletically elite teams globally? Experience the awe-inspiring GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, with a week's worth of breathtaking events, including extreme sports competitions, camaraderie and nonstop adventure—because it’s time […]

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May 24, 2022
Debunked: The 6 Biggest Myths About Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is one of the most common plants in North America that causes allergic contact dermatitis. The mere mention of its name conjures up all sorts of images in mind: a reddish, willowy vine that climbs  over trees, and the red, itchy rash caused by it. But there is also a lot of information […]

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May 17, 2022
Psoriasis vs. Poison Ivy Rash: How to Differentiate them

Trying to determine whether you have poison ivy rash or psoriasis? Can't tell them apart? You're not alone. Most people do not know how to differentiate between poison ivy and psoriasis. Both are skin conditions that produce rash-like symptoms. However, it is essential to know the difference between the two skin conditions because they are […]

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May 3, 2022
What You Need to Do After Contact With Poison Ivy

What to do when you've come in contact with poison ivy may seem like a common question, but it garners different answers. While most people know the symptoms of poison ivy—rash, hives, blisters, itchiness—they may fail to realize what can happen after exposure and how to handle the aftermath. The best way to treat poison […]

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April 26, 2022
Is Poison Ivy Contagious?

"Leaves of three, let it be" is a famous rhyme that describes the typical appearance of poison ivy and tells people to avoid contact with it.. Poison ivy is a common plant throughout the United States with the potential to cause allergic reactions. Poison ivy rash is caused by the body’s reaction to urushiol oil. […]

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April 19, 2022
Avoid Itchy Rash from These Plants

Did you know that allergies affect over 50 million people in the United States each year? Millions of people are allergic to various things, from dust mites and mold to foods and insect bites. But did you know that certain plants can cause severe itching, rashes and skin infections? Plants are nature’s beauties. They provide […]

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