Should I Wrap Or Cover Poison Ivy Rash?

Because it can be embarrassing and painful to touch, it is common to want to cover poison ivy rash. Some companies also require that the rash is covered to help prevent infection while on the job.

Like other irritations to the skin, air is helpful to healing poison ivy or oak rash so it's best to leave it uncovered as often as you can. If you do cover the rash, use a sterile bandage applied loosely so that oxygen can reach the surface of the skin. You may also use an over-the-counter anti-itch treatment indicated for use on poison ivy rash. It is important to keep the area clean so be sure to change the bandage frequently to help reduce the risk of infection.

As always, if the area of the rash becomes very red, hot, and feverish, or shows other signs of infection, seek medical attention right away.

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