Did you know your pet can pick up the rash causing oil from poison ivy, oak and sumac plants and transfer it to you? This short video shows how to remove urushiol, the rash causing oil, from your pet's fur.

YouTube video

Poison ivy, oak and sumac plants produce resinous oil called urushiol (pronounced oo-roo-she-all). It is your body's allergic reaction to the plant's oil that causes poison ivy, oak and sumac rash. The oil can contact your skin indirectly from other sources that have come in contact, such as your dog or cat.

Most pets have thick fur that keeps the oil from coming on contact with their skin so they will not react with a rash. However, that oil can sit on their fur for a long period of time until you wash it off with a strong detergent. Many pet owners develop a rash because it transfers from their pet's fur to their skin.

The video shows how to use Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser to remove poison plant oil from your pet. This helps prevent a rash by secondary contamination. Be sure to follow up by washing your animal with a pet shampoo to remove Tecnu Original from their fur.