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After taking a tumble from a ladder and breaking several bones during his time as a janitorial service owner, Steve Smith decided to join his dad, Robert "Doc" Smith at Tec Labs. Steve's entrepreneurial spirit catapulted Tec Labs and its flagship product, Tecnu® into early success over 40 years ago.

With a great deal of research and the drive to succeed, Steve discovered that the majority of worker's comp claims for local utility companies were due to poison oak rash; he hit the ground running, and Tec Labs was eventually awarded their first major contract with Bell Telephone Company. As our foothold in the safety and industrial markets was firmly planted, the Tecnu brand eventually landed on the shelves of major retail stores including Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Dollar General, and Target.

The secret to success: early on, Steve and Doc established the importance of treating employees well by cultivating a family-like culture; they knew that by caring for their team, Tec's accomplishments would only multiply. This belief has roots in the Smith's multi-generational farming background, through which their family has always lived by the notion of, "take care of the horses" first; meaning, put the employees first, and success will follow.

Tec Labs is now a multi-year Oregon Top 100 Employer (3rd place for medium businesses in 2018!) that offers its nearly 50 employees a variety of benefits including health, dental, & vision insurance coverage, 401K matching, generous PTO, monthly bonuses, year-end profit sharing, and more! Steve and his family have worked hard to create a workplace that fosters innovation and creativity by providing employees with the tools to not only meet the needs of their job, but to exceed in their positions. The benefits are abundant, but it's the culture that sustains our high employee retention rate.

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