Tec Labs Introduces Non-Antibiotic NuNature First Aid Gel (Press Release)

The Makers of Tecnu Poison Oak and Ivy Outdoor Skin Cleanser Have Created an Inventive Alternative to Standard Over-the-Counter Minor Wound Care Treatments

Albany, OR – As the experts in outdoor skin care, Tec Labs has introduced NuNature First Aid Gel. It is the first product under the company’s NuNature brand. NuNature First Aid Gel is a water-based, non-antibiotic formula with lidocaine.

The water-based gel, which bucks the industry standard of greasy ointments and creams, absorbs quickly and thoroughly. The elegant formula allows the lidocaine to penetrate for fast and meaningful pain relief, while the antiseptic goes to work to prevent infection.

The NuNature First Aid Gel laying on the grass.
First Aid Gel is a water-based, non-antibiotic formula with lidocaine.

NuNature is a brand inspired by nature. The brand was formed to foster innovation and create high-quality skin care solutions worth raving about. As a result, NuNature First Aid Gel was developed as a powerful option for the segment of the population who are allergic or averse to antibiotic first aid treatments. 

“This product is truly remarkable and actually life-changing for many folks,” said Steve Smith, CEO and president of Tec Labs Inc. “And when it comes to caring for these kinds of minor wounds, it really needs to be a one-and-done approach. That is why we are so excited to bring NuNature First Aid Gel to market.”  

NuNature First Aid Gel is available at teclabs.com.

About Tec Labs

Tec Labs is a third-generation family business, headquartered in Albany, Oregon, whose products are available nationwide. The company continues to reach for one simple goal: To create innovative products that exceed the needs and expectations of the consumer. Tec Labs is a driven group, joyfully forging an important path of advancement while creating products to help outdoor adventurers, gardeners, athletes, parents, or all of the above.