Tecnu Poison ivy and oak app.

From Tecnu, the trusted experts in poison ivy and oak, we are offering a free phone app to help you identify poison ivy, oak, and sumac plants.

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Our app includes:

  • A United States map of where poison ivy, oak and sumac plants are commonly found. At least one of these three plants is found in every state in the nation.
  • Pictures to help you identify poison ivy, oak, and sumac plants. Half the battle is knowing what the plants look like so we have them pictured in various seasons showing the plants in their various colors.
  • FAQ’s to help you in the event of exposure. Not sure how you can get poison oak from your dog? Can you get a poison ivy rash from someone else? We have those questions and many more answered for you.
  • How to use Tecnu video clips.
  • Our sponsorship with Leave No Trace to help protect nature’s beauty.

New features added in 2021!

  • We have a selection of nature trails to explore across all 50 states. Did we miss one of your favorites? Contact us and we will get it added.
  • A new Tecnu loyalty program. Earn points to redeem in the store!
  • Buy direct from us through the app.
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